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                                  The Champamati Irrigation Project ( Major) was cleared by the Planning Commission No.2(188/80-I&CAD) dt 29.04.1980.The Administrative Approval of the project was accorded by the state GOvt. videNoFCI/1243/73/93 dt . 26.07.1980 for Rs 1532.15 Lacs. The Champamati Irrigation Project ( Major) envisages to construct a 258.50m long barrage across River Champamati a tributary of the Brahmaputra to provide irrigation facility to 6513 Ha ( NIA) in the right bank through 8.77Km Main Canal & 80.38 Km Branch Canal in the Kokrajhar District & 8581 Ha ( NIA) in the left bank through 14.36 Km Main Canal & 127.33 Km Branch Canal in Chirang & Bongaigaon District . The construction of the project was started in the year 1981and the construction of the barrage was completed in the year 1995 and the project was partially commissioned by the then Chief Minister of Assam Late Hiteswar Saikia in the same year with LBC-1 & LBC-2 along with 3.00Km Main Canal and till today About 99.96% of the work has been completed . Due to various bottlenecks such as (i) occupation of the barrage site by the forest department as sand – gravel quarry (ii) delay in possession of forest land (iii) poor allocation of fund (iv)shortage of scarce materials (v)lengthy land acquisitions procedure (vi) volatile law and order situation in the area etc. has been delayed the completion of the project . The first revision of the project was submitted to CWC New Delhi vide PDD – V / 37/77/84 dt 14.11.1984 and subsequently the estimate was corrected and resubmitted vide PDD – V / 37/77/177 dt 26.06.1986 for Rs 47749.02 lacs. Meanwhile the expenditure incurred by the project exceeded the estimated amount and Second revised estimate was prepared for Rs 14723.82 lacs and the same was cleared by the Planning Commission vide 2(315)/05-WR dt 08.08.2007 . Accordingly A.A was accorded by sate Govt. vide IGN(W) 515/84/387 dt 05.092007 for Rs 13857.07 lacs as works component .Since 2004 the project received a special package for Rs 4385.00 lacs under NLCPR from BTC authority. Once Again expenditure exceeds the estimated cost and the overall progress of the project become 80% , So third revised of the project for an amount of Rs 30921.75 lacs has been cleared by planning commission vide 2(289) /2005 – WR dt 22/03/2011 The up to date total expenditure of the project is Rs 300.9125Lacs out of Rs30921.75 Lacs Upto date physical and financial position of the project is as follows-

Physical Progress Financial Progress ( Rs in Lacs)
Head works 100% Source of Fund Fund Received Fund Utilized
Main Canal 100% Prior to AIBP 3752.00 3752.00
Branch Canal 100% NLCPR 4385.00 4385.00
Distributories 100% AIBP (i) Works 21351.50 21351.50
Minor 100% (ii)Establishment 1433.25 1433.25
Over All 100% Total 30921.75 30921.75
Potential Created 14194Ha Utilized 14194Ha Balance   0.00
  • Location       Nagdalbari village, Near Garubhasa, Dist- Chirang (BTC), Assam
  • Latitude                                     26//-36/ N
  • Longitude                                  90//-22/ E
  • District benefited                     Kokrajhar, Chirang and Bongaigaon
  • River                                             Champamati
  • Site of barrage                           Nagdalbari village , Near Garubhasa, Dist:- Chirang (B.T.C.) 30 Km from Kokrajhar town
  • Design flood dischare              2266.00 Cumecs
  • Catchments area                       552.00 Sq. K.m.
  • Average annual rainfall            1650.07 mm
  • Pond level                                70.00m
  • Intake level                             70.00m
  • Canal F.S.L.                               69.70m
  • Crest level of under sluice    65.50m
  • Crest level of barrage            66.50m
Design discharge
  • Through 4 under sluice          636.00 Cumecs
  • Through 14 weir bays             1690.00 Cumecs
  • Top level of guide bund          72.50m
  • Length of barrage                    258.50m 


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