District Disaster Management Authority

Last Updated on: February 07, 2024

The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Chirang was created vide Government of Assam Notification issued by the Revenue & Disaster Management Department vide No. RGR/DM/6/2008/67-22 Dated 24th July, 2008 as per the provision of Section 20(1) of National Disaster Management Act, 2005. The District Disaster Management Authority is headed by Deputy Commissioner. The DDMA, Chirang constituted with the following officials in respect of Chirang district::

  1. The Deputy Commissioner :: Chairperson

  2. Chief Executive Member, BTAD or his representative:: co-Chairperson

  3. Chief Executive Officer of the District Authority :: Member Secretary

                 (To be nominated by the Deputy Commissioner)

  1. Superintendent of Police :: Member

  2. Chief Medical Officer :: Member

  3. Executive Engineer PWD :: Member

  4. Executive Engineer, Water Resources :: Member

Besides the above, the Heads of all departments concerned with the management of disasters in the district such as Civil Defence, Food & Civil Supplies, Agriculture, Panchayat & Rural Development, Power, Irrigation and Sports & Youth Welfare will be special invitees to all the meeting of the District Disaster Management Authority. Further the Hon’ble Local MLAs and Hon’ble MPs of the jurisdictional area are also to be invited in the meetings of the District Disaster Management Authority.

Powers and functions

As per Section 30of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the District Disaster Management Authority acts as the planning, coordinating & implementing body of the Disaster Management and take all measures for the purpose of Disaster Management in the district in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the National Authority and the State Authority.

As per Section 34 of the Disaster Management Act, for the purpose of assisting, protecting or providing relief to the community in response to any threatening disaster situation or disaster the District Disaster Management Authority may take any measures/ steps as may be required or warranted to be taken in such a situation.


The District Disaster Management Authority is responsible for implementing different activities like awareness generation, training, mock drills etc to all stakeholders-Government, Non Government Organizations & Community as a whole sanctioned under the Annual Allocation of State Disaster Response Fund for capacity building.


Relief matter is looked after by the Disaster Management Branch, DC’s Office, Chirang as per the guidelines of the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF/ State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) of the Government of India.

District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC)

An emergency Operation Centre (Control Room) with telephone Number Landline:: 03664-242316 and Mobile Number 94351-05936 has been set up as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) in the time of crisis for day to day monitoring o all the rescue and relief operations. The Control room gathers all necessary information from the designated officials and keeps updated information for streamlined feedback and response mechanism.

The DEOC shall operate under the direct control of Deputy Commissioner and he may exercise the emergency power and issue directives to all the departments to provide necessary relief service. He may also coordinate with the State Relief Commissioner, Dispur, Assam for all kind of support and assistance to bring the normalcy in the district.

The District Control Room (DEOC) under the Deputy Commissioner will operate round the clock and will be nerve centre to::

  • Monitor

  • Co-ordinate

  • Implement the actions/ activities for disaster management.

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