Traditioal Attire

Last Updated on: April 28, 2023

Weaving of Bodo Woman

The weaving technology is a science and arts of fabrics and fibers. The Bodo women are not far behind in weaving and their identity reflects through the traditional attracktive clothes. The weaving has been regarding as livelihoods among the Bodo community since ancient time. The Bodo weaving industries of Assam have greater contribution towards the development of socio-economic status of state as well as country. But traditional weaving industries have been facing a big challenge and unable to compete in commercial global market of modern technology. Ofcourse, due to influences of modernization, their weaving technic is also transforming towards the modern technology and have taken steps

Compare to other parts of India, Chirang District part of BTAD as well as Assam state having pleasant climate. Chirang is touching Indo-Bhutan border river separating hills of Bhutan. Its soil is suit for agriculture and plenty of greenery. In village areas residents are surrounded by trees. People also plant trees for producing fabrics in making local traditional handmade clothes. Woman weave for making different traditional dress like dokhna,arona, gamsa, fashra, hichima etc. These dresses are decorated with colourful design with flower and very attractive. Though woman weavers are not getting proper market but some NGOs are coming forward to help them and to give them opportunity of income and  independence earning.Even they are getting opportunity to export the clothes outside.

In the villages of Chirang, Assam, every home of the Bodo community has a loom. The bodo community’s  (‘Boro’ in Assamese) weaving is seen as a highly valued skill in women, and particularly perspective in bride.Aagor Daagra Afad (in the Bodo language, these words mean ‘design’, ‘weaver’ and ‘organisation’) the organization for helping each other and giving the market is managed and run by weavers, and was started to enable local women to earn an income from their traditional weaving knowledge

Gamusa- The Gamusa or Gamosa is an article of great significance for the people of Assam and the very symbol of Assamese culture. It is generally a white hand-woven piece of cloth of cotton or silk of around 2 feet in width and 5 feet in length, with red woven patterns or motifs on two sides and red stripes on the long border.  
Aronai-Aronai is the Bodo traditional cloth of great significance.It used to felicitate people with honour.Besides it is wore on the neck as scarf in winter and also used in cultural occasions.  
Gamsa-Gamsa is the male traditional dress of Bodo and is used to cover the portion from waist to knee by tying it in the waist.It is weaved of different colours like green, slight red and mixture of different colours like- white & green, white & blue and more colours.  
Dokhona -Dokhona is a traditional dress wore by Bodo women.  
Fashra: It is  a hand weaven traditional dress of Bodo communities particulary, worn by women. They also wear it as a scarf on the neck in winter.